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We specialize in agricultural hauling

and provide the logistics to allow our clients to supply the world with produce grown in California.

We provide field to first point of process services for one of the largest carrot producers in the world. Using over 300 trailers and 65 modern tractors, we are the prime mover executing a cost-effective logistics plan for our customer. Our use of technology helps us locate trucks in real-time and communicate with our customers to execute just-in-time harvesting and transportation. Working closely with our customer and our drivers allows us to create efficiencies within our supply chain.

Almonds and Pistachios
Utilizing our logistics expertise, we helped the largest almond and pistachio producer in the world move a record crop in 2016 safely and efficiently. With constant communication and an experienced field management group we provide a safe environment for our employees and our customers work force.

Stevens Transportation provides orchard to first point of process hauling for one of the United States’ largest producers of pomegranates. Transporting both fresh and juice pomegranates in a timely manner is critical for this sensitive product. Additionally, Stevens Transportation has provided, on request, training for seasonal processing plant yard truck drivers to help promote a safe working environment for everyone.

Reefer Market Deliveries and Local Transfers:
We provide fully compliant refrigerated van service to two of the largest carrot producers in the world. Stevens Transportation moves finished goods to the Los Angeles, Salinas, Yuma and Tracy markets and transfers finished product and ingredients on local cross-town routes between processing plants and cold storage facilities.

Past Services:
Over its long history Stevens Transportation has hauled a wide variety of agricultural related products including, sugar beets, grain, melons, citrus, cotton, bins, almond meats, compost, packaging materials, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, grapes, large diameter irrigation pipe, and gypsum. During the Vietnam War the Company hauled a variety of supplies for the war effort such as bomb fins, anchor chains, food stuffs for the troops, generators, and caskets.

Future Services:
Stevens Transportation is always open to new adventures in the flatbed trucking arena and we are committed to providing compliant solutions to our customers.


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